Oh THANK Goodness!

It is November and that means we all get to write about and share the things for which we are grateful, hooray!

Latex gloves

Oh the mysterious and adventurous places we put our hands.  Oh the unpleasant, atrocious, and malodorous substances we encounter with our fingers.  Oh the diseased, peculiar, and sometimes just too private objects that cross our palms.  Thank goodness for gloves.  And yes, this comes from the perspective of a nurse.

Yoga Pants

Need I say more ladies (and perhaps gentlemen)?  This particular piece of apparel is one that so many of us, I am sure, are so thankful for.  Got your period?  Yoga pants.  Feeling under the weather?  Yoga pants.  Nothing else fits?  Yoga pants.  Laundry day?  Yoga pants.  Just having a bad day? Yoga pants.  These black, stretchy, simply genius pants are the answer to all your questions.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Also known as heaven.  I have sincerely missed this insanely amazing dessert since going gluten free.  Lucky duck that I am though, I have found an almost as good gluten free replacement recipe.  Thank you Pinterest!


I am thankful for mascara because I like to look awake and alive sometimes.  Why is it that without proper eyelashes I feel like I could be mistaken for a deep sea fish?  You know all pale, creepy, and weird like.  Hey I would probably even wear falsies (eyelashes, not boobs) if gluing them on did not seem like the biggest mishap just waiting to happen millimeters from my, very sensitive, eyeball.

Here is a short, maybe even a tad humorous, story for you.   The one time I did wear false eyelashes was for a ballet performance.  So you know I am up on stage, tons of people watching, blazing lights in my face, little bit of nerves distracting me, pointe shoes on for Pete’s sake.  BAM!  Huge, black, hairy fake eyelashes are all I can see.  Literally the world is a fuzzy black blur.  “Just keep smiling!  Keep your head upright and your feet on the ground if it is the last thing you do.  Do not fall on your a** like you did during dress rehearsal.”  It did end positively which is why I am here to tell the tale.

Hot Stuff

Heating blankets, heating pads, ovens, furnaces, water heaters, camp fires.  Back off Elsa, I do not care to be made stiff, uncomfortable, chapped, shivery, or otherwise pained by your frozen “magical power” baloney.  Keep me warm and cozy and I will love you forever.  Hot chocolate, hot tea, hot showers…tis the season.

“Tinkle in Your Trousers” Movies

I really love to laugh, and not just at movies.  Funny movies, jokes, comedy skits, some people, some people’s kids…clean, corny, dirty, silly, pun-y sometimes even gross…it is all so fun.  I would like to express my affection and gratitude to, and for, all the amusing individuals in my life – you know who you are (I hope).

Public Restrooms

Last but not least, and speaking of tinkling, the communal potties.  As nasty as they can be, imagine if we did not have these conveniences.  Think about the all the times (hopefully few) you have found yourself without the use of a nearby place to rest and relieve yourself!  What would we all look like if we had to be out and about knowing, with such anxiety in our hearts, that we had to make it home before the time to “you know what” inevitably came around?  And let me throw toilet paper out there too.  Thank you to toilet paper for being one of my closest friends.


Obviously this is not an all-inclusive list, even for everything I am thankful for today alone.  I could go on and on with thankfulness but you would eventually become bored and that would be such a shame.  Please leave a note about what you are thankful for in the comments below, or on Facebook, or email me, or something!

Much love to you all and thank you for reading.

Christine xoxo