Mommy Must-Haves: The First Months

In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I would write about a few of my most-used and most-beloved baby-related gear!

#1 Down Under

Here again is that old “put on your own oxygen mask before you help someone else with theirs” theory!  Caring for our precious mini-mes can practically become an obsession, I know, and while I hate to sound like a parrot, it really is so important to remember our own self-care.  This is especially important after giving birth.  Talk about an experience, to me someone might as well have celebrated the Fourth of July down there, firecrackers and all.  I have heard tell of women whose recovery from a vaginal delivery went simply hunky dory.  I myself am still wondering if there is in fact a true recovery yet to come in my story.  Honestly, this is definitely an area I intend to be much better prepared for next time…

Some things I personally appreciated were:

~A sitz bath

~A soothing perineal spray (I thought New Mama Bottom Spray smelled as nice as it felt)

~Witch hazel

~Hydrocortisone cream (can you say f#@% hemorrhoids?!)

~Very soft seating or a pillow to sit on (think Boppy-style)

~”Don’t care” underwear (big, comfy, and not afraid to catch a leak)

~Postpartum, aka extra-long with wings, pads (my favorite is Natracare)

#2 Look Mom, No Hands! 

When I received a Moby wrap at my baby shower I immediately thought “okay, I am now ready for this baby.”  It was that one thing I did not know I was waiting for and it magically flipped a switch for me.  Baby-wearing is da bomb.  I will admit there was a slight learning curve in the beginning but truly not an overwhelming one.  For me, baby slings, wraps and carriers are on the expensive side so I do not have a wealth of knowledge with regards to a variety of products, but overall I totally think they are a fabulous idea for most everyone.  Like I said, I have the Moby wrap and I think it is wonderful.  Cooking, cleaning, watering the garden…together we are the chore conquerors.  We even managed a bit of nursing while using the wrap and taking a hike last weekend – so proud!


#3 Order Up  

My own “girls” have never been something I have needed to pay much thought to.  Small, easy to dress, really no effort required.  Yeah until about three days postpartum.  I was worried throughout my pregnancy about my physical ability to breastfeed – no specific reason why, I just was worried.  Thankfully there was no need to fret about keeping the baby fed.  There was, however, the issue of keeping us both dry during those first few weeks of learning how to feed a baby.  The biggest problem, you see, is that both boobs seem to like to work simultaneously…This is where breast pads and a nursing bra come in handy!  Really I would forgo the bra except for that it helps keep the pads, which are what keep you dry, in place.  I had about twelve pairs of reusable breast pads and they worked marvelously for me.

#4 Scrub-a-Dub-Dub There’s a Baby in the Tub 

Showering with your baby works, but it is pretty darn slippery.  Using the regular bathtub also works, but I think it uses an awful lot of water for one little baby.  The sink is also an option, but I just get wigged out and it seems gross to me for some reason.  I favor the baby bathtub myself.  Having a large bathroom counter to set it on is ideal (no crouching!), but I do not have that so I just set it in the regular tub and sit on the bathroom floor.  The baby tub I have has a removable lounge-thingy/support so once she outgrows it she can still use the tub to sit in with plenty of room (I really cannot figure out what to call this so I will just post a picture).  Finding bathing equipment you think is convenient and efficient is especially important if you plan on using bath-time in your sleep/bedtime routine!  This lovely tub was a gift from my mom and it works perfectly for us.  It even has a mini-sprayer attachment that works great for rinsing baby’s hair.

#5 Baby It’s Cold Outside

Where I live there is a possibility of snow from at least October through May, and even June if we go visiting an hour into the mountains.  Since baby spends their first year riding in the rear-facing infant car seat I found it to be worthwhile to invest in more than just blankets.  My preference for keeping baby cozy was a quilted carrier cover.  It stretches over the seat but leaves the handle free and has a zipper down the middle and face flap with Velcro.  I can use blankets under the cover as well as add a blanket over the entire seat if I need to.  It is like a coat for the carrier seat, and since it uses elastic to stay in place there is no wrestling required.  Perfect!

#6 Are You Calling Me a Worrywart?!?

Okay, so maybe I am a bit of a worrywart…but you really cannot argue that having a good thermometer on hand is a bad idea.  One of the things I had on my baby shower registry was a temporal thermometer and my aunt (who may or may not also be considered a worrywart) was sweet enough to get it for me.  Maybe it was a strange thing to put on my registry but I am super thankful to have one.  Of course a good ole rectal temperature is going to be the best way to assess a baby, but I figure why bother them like that unless I have a reason to really worry – which I can get from my temporal thermometer with ease!

Of course this is not an all-inclusive list but these are some of my for-sure favorites.  Let me know if I have dorked out and missed something obviously essential because that is not totally unlikely 😉

~Christine xoxo