And Then It All Went To…You Know.

I love making plans.  Like really, planning can probably be classified as one of my passions.  Planning the bigger stuff such as birthday parties, trips to the zoo, holiday activities, family outings – totally my thing.  Planning the smaller stuff such as grocery shopping, trips to the bank, dinners, what the kids are going to wear – also totally my thing.  If a list can be made, it will be.  If an alarm can be set, it will be.  If something can be done ahead of time to help an event go smoother, it will be.  The truth is that attempting to get my ducks in a row consumes most of my day and I usually enjoy it.

And in comes God.

This is how it goes, either:

  1. I make this glorious plan, I work my derriere off to complete the plan, it works, and I feel awesome! And completely exhausted.  Or…
  2. I make a glorious plan, I work my derriere off to complete the plan, it fails, and I feel excessively frustrated. And completely exhausted.  Or…
  3. I make a glorious plan, I work my derriere off to complete the plan, it fails, GOD takes over and does something beyond my ability to comprehend that is SO much better than I ever could have pulled off, and I feel incredibly blessed and humbled. And completely exhausted.

Of course the majority of the time #3 is what happens, and while I can get frustrated in the moment, I ALWAYS find myself thanking Him profusely in the end.  God is so much better at this than me.

Here is one of my favorite examples…

The summer of 2012 I was working in the fitness center at my college.  If you have ever compared a college campus during the summer to a college campus during the fall/winter you will understand how bored I was most of the summer.

I had finished my prerequisites for nursing school and was on the wait list to start the program. The wait list was two years long and I had previously decided I wanted to continue taking classes so I would not “get out of practice” with regards to being in college. I do not know if this made sense or not but at the time it did to me.  Anyway, I took two years of classes while on the nursing program wait list and in the summer of 2012 I was looking at my transcripts when I realized I was really close to having earned my A.G.S.  If I adjusted my fall semester classes I would finish the requirements and have something to show for my two years!  Exciting!  However!  Registration for fall semester had already opened a couple of months prior.  The way I did things all throughout college was to register at 12am the day registration opened so I could get into the exact classes I wanted.  This is what I did every semester without fail.  If I wanted to complete the requirements for earning my A.G.S. I would have to change my schedule and register for classes I never would have registered for before.  Such as a College Algebra class that started at two o’clock in the afternoon.  Now this may not sound like a big deal to the average Joe, but to me this was craziness!  I did not know what to do, and in the end it took one of my coworkers convincing me that it was a “great idea” to change my schedule.

So fall semester started and I show up to my first College Algebra class shortly before two in the afternoon (this was the first time I had taken a math class any later than 10am).  I always prefer to sit towards the front of the classroom for math but since I was running a bit behind that day my options were limited.  There was one seat remaining in the front row.  It was in-between two guys…not usually my style to sit with dudes…  I scanned the room a second time and did not find a better option.  I sort of knew one of the guys because we both worked on campus.  The other guy I did not know, although I later figured out I had helped him register for the Fitness Center six months earlier.  Little did I know that I would one day get to know that other guy well enough to marry him.

Thankfully God has a plan and although I may stray or throw a tantrum when He steps in I always manage appreciate the twists and turns in the end.

Okay, so the entire reason I started writing this post – I absolutely wanted to complain about the not-so-pleasant winter season we had this year!  Then I remembered that someday I will look back and find the hidden gems in it all.  It absolutely could have been so much worse and I am incredibly thankful it was not.  Honestly I have been writing this post for weeks now and if it ever gets published it will be an accomplishment for sure!  But at this point I have realized that as much as it sucks to be right in the middle all the mess and chaos it will all turn out alright in the end and I have so much to find joy in.

~Christine xoxo


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