Easy 9 Minute Day Face

I have to admit I do not wear makeup all that often.  Part of this is because there is a not lot of time to get ready most mornings; usually I am happy if I have on clean clothes and have brushed my hair and teeth.  The second part is that buying makeup regularly can get pretty expensive.  I have sensitive skin so using cheaper brands is not always an option.  On an average day the world simply has to deal with my naked, born this way kisser.

For me and my makeup skills there are three types of faces – “Day Face,” “Fancy Face,” and “Stage Face.”

Day Face

Like it sounds, this is an everyday kind of average makeup technique for me.  It’s simple, easy, and quick.  I like to use lighter colors and light coverage.  The most important part to me is the eyes.

Fancy Face

For me this means getting a little more artistic about my makeup.  Bolder colors, more coverage, and makeup techniques that take more time and more products (e.g. winged eyeliner, contouring, highlighting, etcetera).

Stage Face

I do have some experience with stage makeup as I dance ballet and have used it for a number of performances.  Stage makeup is heavy, as in do not go out in public like this lest you be mistaken for Lady Gaga heavy.  This face requires lots of contouring, highlights, thick application of everything.  It is more of a mask than a face.

So if you are like me, with limited time and resources, but would like to look a bit more presentable and less “just returned from the dead” before you go out into the world then let me share with you my fast and easy 9 minute face!

Step One – Tinted Moisturizer

I have quite dry skin so I like tinted moisturizers for everyday wear. If I have just washed my face I will also use my normal moisturizer before I put on the tinted moisturizer.  My favorite tinted moisturizer right now is the Origins® VitaZing (SPF 15).  It is a “sheer tint release” cream so there is no specific color; it adjusts to your own skin tone when you apply it – magic!  The tube is 1.7 fl. oz. for $37.00 and I usually buy mine at Macy’s.

Step Two – Concealer

I use the Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Concealer Stick in “Light” under my eyes and over any blemishes.  I think this blends and covers quite nicely without being too thick.  The stick is 0.15oz for $5.19 and I buy mine at Target.

Step Three – Eyeliner

Right now I am using Origins® Automagically™ Eye Lining Pencil in “Jet.”  Honestly I do not care for it at all.  I think it is too waxy making it hard to apply evenly and straight.  My favorite eyeliner was a Physicians Formula simple black eyeliner, but last time I went to Target to buy one I could not find it!  Sadly, I cannot remember exactly what it was called either.  Next time I am in need of eyeliner I plan to try out something new from Physicians Formula and I hope it works as well as the other one did.  I only line my top lid for a Day Face.

Step Four – Mascara

Let me tell you, I have tried many a mascara.  In the end I have decided I much prefer mascara that is not waterproof.  This is because I can never get the waterproof crap off and I end up losing eyelashes because of it – definitely not a great thing.  I am not much of a crier and I do not typically have sweat dripping into my eyes so non-waterproof mascara works pretty well most of the time.  My favorite mascara, hands down, is Maybelline® Great Lash in “Blackest Black”.  Seriously, this stuff is the bomb diggity.  I get mine at Target for $4.49 for 0.43 fl. oz.

Step Five – Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow is one of those things that can be easily played with even when doing a 9 minute face.  The color can be changed up to match my mood or whatever color I am wearing.  Yes as a brown eyed girl I get to wear pretty much any color eyeshadow I want, ha!  The color I just absolutely adore right now I think I swiped from my mom for my wedding – it just ended up in my makeup bag somehow and she has not asked for it back…yet.  It is called Shimmer & Glow Luminous Powder from Avon® in “Shimmer Plum (C) Prune Satin (F).”  It might not even be specifically an eyeshadow but oh well!  It is beautiful and I love it.

Step Six – Blush

I have two types of blush I really like.  The first one is the Origins® Pinch Your Cheeks™ Powder Blush in “01 Rose Dust.”  I use this one most of the time because it is easier to apply.  The color is absolutely lovely and looks perfectly natural.  The other one I like is the Origins® Pinch Your Cheeks™ It’s Enough to Make You Blush in “01 Raspberry.”  This is a gel so it is a little harder to apply evenly, but it looks even more natural which I love.  I buy both of these at Macy’s.  The gel is $16.00 for 0.1 fl. oz. and the powder is $25.50 for 0.14 oz.

Step Seven – Powder

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear® Airbrushing Loose Powder is pretty neat stuff.  It can be applied as a foundation, awesome for lazy days, but I use it as a finishing powder.  I like to lightly brush it all over everything except my eyes.  It provides a little more coverage as well as SPF and it is talc-free!  I buy mine at Target for $10.79 for 0.49 oz.

Step Eight – More Eye Business

One of the last steps is to apply Smashbox™ Photo Op Under Eye Brightener to my, you will never guess, under eye.  My friend gave me a sampler of this once and I have been hooked ever since.  I believe it could be used almost as a highlighter if you wanted to, although probably not for something heavy-duty like a Stage Face.  I put a small dab under each eye and pat it gently in.  I buy mine at Sephora for $20.00 for 0.24 fl. oz.

Step Nine – Lips

Last but not least, the lovely lips.  I like to wear a moisturizing lip product as often as possible.  If I am not just wearing chapstick then I like to use Neutrogena® MoistureSmooth Color Stick in either “Soft Raspberry 60” or “Bright Berry 40.”  These are absolutely AMAZING.  They smell SO good, they feel SO nice, and they look SO pretty.  I like to buy mine, again, at Target for $7.99 for a 0.11 oz stick.

Okay so I probably do not use all of these products “properly” and I bet I apply them “out of order” in someone’s opinion.  It works for me and I think it looks pretty dang good.

Please leave your thoughts and/or suggestions in the comments below or via the contact form and if you would like more pictures or maybe a video let me know!

Christine xoxo


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